COMPETITIONS have always been an important part of the Circle's programme. The Annual Show is held in the summer at Ware Arts Centre. There are 8 wine and 4 beer classes and there are several trophies to be won. Winners receive certificates and trophies to keep for a year.

Two or three times a year, other competitions are run at the circle meetings.

FINANCE of the circle is covered by an Annual subscription of 8 single or 14 per couple, supplemented by raffles and other events during the year.

BBQ: After abandoning this event for a few years due to inclement weather, this was revived as a private event and now takes place at various member's houses. All the members bring various home-made salads and desserts.

LOCAL EVENTS: We regularly run a stall at the Ware Christmas Festival event, providing mulled wine to the cold and thirsty public.

Other clubs in this area of Hertfordshire are:
St Albans Winemakers
Welwyn Garden City Winemakers
Stevenage Wine Guild

FEDERATION: The club belongs to the Beds & Herts Federation of Amateur Winemakers Guilds. Through this federation, the club is affiliated to The National Association of Wine and Beermakers (Amateur) and is also a member in its own right. Some club members have entered the National show in recent years, and have won several trophies.
In 2012, Peter R won the NAWB Master Winemaker, and the club gained the 2nd highest points for a circle.
This success was repeated in 2015 when Peter R achieved his ambition of becoming NAWB Master (gaining most points in wine and beer), and NAWB Master Winemaker. Elaine R was the Lady Winemaker (lady with most points in wine). The club was also the club with most points in the show overall.
This success was repeated, almost, in 2016 when Peter R and Elaine R were NAWB Master Winemaker and Lady Winemaker respectively, and the club was again the most successful club at the show.
In 2017, Kevin became the NAWB Master, Elaine was the runner-up to the Master winemaker, and Chris got most awards in the beer classes. The club was the most successful club for the third year running.
In 2018, Peter R and Kevin shared the honour of being NAWB Master, something that has only happened once before. Elaine was Lady winemaker, and Chris got most awards in the beer classes. The club was the most successful club for the fourth year running.
Three members are on the National Committee.

JUDGES: The club is very proud to have 4 National Wine judges, 2 of whom are also National Beer judges, and a retired National Wine judge, amongst its members.

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